Breaking News: Covid-Delta Effect ongoing

To whom it may concern, first and foremost I want to thank each and everyone of you for the support you all shown InkClaw and myself. It really means a lot and I appreciate you all. I will be giving you all some updates on all orders that are currently processing.

For all of the grips (1.5/2.0) orders all will be sent out within the next two days, as for the tracking number for your order please allow a 2-3 day update time for the tracking number to update.

The reason for the delay is because my city and my Fujian Province reports intal around 100 Delta cases, the country’s largest outbreak in a month within 48 hours.

Therefore, all the factories productions has been closed down, and transportation between my nearby cities are shutdown too, which means there will be delayed shipping for some of your orders.

As for all of the big mags(35/39/49RM), (0803x3x4x5x6, x5x6 other series), (challenger 3.5/4.0 new patch), as the original plan was, the gear should have arrived at the end of this week by Friday or Saturday, now that will not be possible due to the current situation we are experiencing here in my city. The estimated delay time will be roughly around 7-14 days, which will be announced by our local government. You can find out more information about our current situation under the link is from NY Times:

For grips/batteries/3x3 4x3 88rs, those have enough stocks I can still ship it out and will do so ASAP for you all.

Moreover, please note there will be 2 big holidays, Moon festival 21th-24th sep, National Day 1th-7th Oct, I will not be able to send out any orders, just for reminder.

Thank you for your continued support and patience with us as we process your order. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at, if you can't wait for the big mags or your orders please also contact me through email. Order will still be sent by orders, so if you cancle the order now and buy again later you might need to wait as well


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