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Important announcement

Update 8th Oct Inkclaw

Firstly, sorry for all the late reply to all the emails and DMs of all the social platforme, due to the (1st-7th) Oct China national day holiday and under lockdown of Covid-Delta situation. And we have just received the newest announcement from government,  the lockdown will be full closed next week, which means, Inkclaw will be proper functioning from next week, all the remaining orders of challenger, big magnums cartridges, x5 x6 cartridges will be sent out one by one from next week, if you have further concerns, or want to have the refund instead, please contact and again appology for all the inconvinience.

Update-26th Sep Inkclaw

Firstly, due to the huge impact leads by the Covid-Delta outbreak in my province and cities nearby, sorry for the late reply and really long time waiting. there are only 5 new cases reported today, so Inkclaw will be expected to properly functioning after China national day holiday (1st-7th Oct), all the remaining machines' orders including "fa" and "challenger" will be sent out immediately. And again apology for the long time waiting.
Secondly, all the special needle groups are currently unable to order, due to the factories of the special cartridges and needle groups are located in the covid-outbreak center Xiamen, Fujian, but which will also be expected to re-propper functioning in between 8-14th Oct. Since the daily reported Delta cases are hugely decreased from 100+cases to 10+ cases. So in a short time, this Covid-Delta outbreak will be controlled. And the "own orders" will be sent out as soon as possible once factories can start working. And probably the order window for the special cartridges group and needle groups will be re-open at the end of Oct, if you do not want to wait your current order, please contact, or through DMs on Instagram, Facebook. I will respond, and send your refund asap.
Last but not least, Inkclaw and I really appreciate your all patience and huge support. Without your support, Inkclaw can not grow like this fast, and I will develop more and more good products. Inkclaw hears your needs and requirements. If you still have concerns please don't hesitate to let me know.


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